L’essenza del nulla

The first book published, the essence of nothingness, contains precisely this incomplete and complete double meaning at the same point. A book that contains the minimalism of my still inexperienced photographic perception, but from which a precise style has evolved.


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Dreaming of faceless people is quite common. The elusive and confused faces of which the traits are not distinguished are the representation of everything that in reality “escapes” the dreamer, of all the elements and situations that he cannot “define”, of which he does not grasp the details and to which he does not succeed in attributing meaning.



Walking is much more than just the motor action that is necessary for us to get around. It is often taken for granted until it fails, but it has a deeper meaning that has been recognized for millennia. The ancient saying “the goal is built by walking,” attributed to Miguel de Unamuno, highlights the fact […]