Walking is much more than just the motor action that is necessary for us to get around. It is often taken for granted until it fails, but it has a deeper meaning that has been recognized for millennia. The ancient saying “the goal is built by walking,” attributed to Miguel de Unamuno, highlights the fact that walking has been seen as a way to achieve certain goals or understand certain ideas.
Walking also has an ontological value, as it is seen as a way of understanding and experiencing being alive. It is a way of perceiving ourselves as active and capable of changing direction based solely on our own bodies. The act of walking can be seen as a metaphor for life itself, with a beginning and an end, and the challenges and experiences that we encounter along the way.
In many stories, legends, and fairy tales, walking is not just a practical action but also a symbol of an inevitable destiny. Along the way, we may fall, get up, go back, have miraculous encounters, be helped by others, or be deceived. The act of walking, and the determination to keep going even when faced with challenges, can help to regenerate the mind and strengthen the depths of our being.
This project, which began in 2015, has allowed me to accumulate many experiences and meet many people. It is my own story, but it is also the story of many others. The photos remind me that there is always something new to discover and appreciate. This philosophy has helped me to overcome difficult times and has strengthened my sense of being.