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Walking is much more than a necessary motor act for us. Initiated and taken for granted, until it fails. We need only go back to the ancient aphorism rediscovered by Miguel de Unamuno “the goal is built by walking” to understand that – for millennia – other meanings have been attributed to this human faculty.

Therefore, when the consciousness of existence appeared, walking took on an ontological value. It was and remains the most emblematic, constitutive mythic narrative of the dimension of being as becoming, of perceiving oneself as alive, still active, willing to change direction based solely on one’s body. Life as a road, with a beginning and an end, was its rudimentary further representation. It is useless, then, to try to oppose – the early walkers must have thought – a law dictated by unknown powers that require the human horde to atone for its sins by always wandering.

Stories, legends and fairy tales also show us that walking is not just a hero’s goal. To discover the reasons for so much trouble-that is his true reward. In all traditions, walking was thus a symbol of inevitable destiny. Along the way one falls, gets up, comes back, makes miraculous encounters, is helped by Samaritans or deceived by demons. Never giving up solitary motion by relying on one’s lower limbs — it turns out — the mind is also regenerated.

I started this project in 2015, and with it I pushed myself to ask for more, I have accumulated many experiences, and met many people, it is my story, but also of many others, I like to see it this way, these photos remind me that there is always something to discover, to appreciate. A philosophy that has helped me through many difficult times and strengthened the depth of my being.