Dreaming of faceless people is quite common. The elusive and confused faces of which the traits are not distinguished are the representation of everything that in reality “escapes” the dreamer, of all the elements and situations that he cannot “define”, of which he does not grasp the details and to which he does not succeed in attributing meaning.

Facial features fade, flattened, mouth, eyes and nose non-existent or, instead of the face only a black hole. Imagining or dreaming of people without face can be scary and disturbing, but it certainly helps to stop memory and attention. Only rarely, these figures are set aside as minor dreamlike elements.

The meaning of faceless people in dreams is to be connected to the lack of attention, to the superficiality with which perhaps the dreamer faces relationships and situations, to what he is living and is confused, to elements of his reality that escape him and that it is important to know and deepen. It is also linked to the personality traits of oneself and others that are not easily revealed, that are hermetic and far away, to the unknown psychic aspects that are perhaps emerging: new parts of the personality that, justified by the growth of the dreamer in terms of age and a new maturity, are appearing to the consciousness and want to be recognized.

They can be aspects belonging to the shadow, aspects denied during integration that try their entry into the operating system of the dreamer, can connect to real interpersonal relationships, to existing people. It will be interesting to reflect on the nebula of the features of this NOT face and wonder if it reminds us of someone and if the relationship with her leaves a feeling of uneasiness, if you feel something unclear.

It is possible that the unconscious is presenting that person and the evolution of the relationship in this way: perhaps he is an equally elusive and ambiguous person, perhaps his face contrasts with what is perceived by the dreamer in reality.