How to estimate the cost of Photography in Berlin? 


Understanding the cost of a Photographer in Berlin, and giving the right value to the service. 

Hey there!

If you’re thinking about getting some awesome pictures taken in Berlin, it’s super cool, and I’m here to help you understand how much it might cost. 

Let’s dive into the stuff you need to know, and don’t worry, I’ll keep it simple!

Most of the time, I got in touch with people they were not understand how is calculate the cost of a photographer.

Since many people just buy a camera to have new experiences they let go of services for free or for a cheap price, maybe is required to understand what are the cost of a photographer professional in Berlin. 

How Good is the Photographer?

Food Photography in Berlin
Mutzenbacher Schnitzel Puff by Emiliano Vittoriosi

Think of the photographer as a superhero. The more experienced and skilled they are, the more they might charge. So, if you want super amazing pictures, it might cost a bit more.

Of course experiences, education, investment in knowledge, cost and all of us know that.

The schools of photography are not like others, they have always a certain high price, and most of the time they take a long time to be done. 

From my perspective, I have 18 years of experience, many jobs done, but also a lot of free jobs made. All for the reason to grow and learn new skills. 

This is the first step to consider.

A photographer has no experience, will be maybe good to take some nice pictures, but in case of any kind of problem, will not handle it.

A professional photographer will handle in no minute the problems and maybe will make the problems an opportunity to create something unique. 

How Long Will the Photoshoot Last?

Photo in Berlin
Picture by Emiliano Vittoriosi. Berlin, Germany

Imagine your favorite game or movie. If it’s short, it might cost less. But if it’s a big, epic adventure, it could be a bit pricier. The same goes for photo sessions!

Of course time matters! 

Everyone has a short amount of time, so I value my time, but I value also the time I invest in my customers, this can change in terms of pricing from one country to another.

In Berlin we have a low price per hour starting at 12€ – we have to add the experience of the photographer and the costs of the equipment and some more details. 

You can choose for a short time shooting, but choosing a time length for a shooting of at least 2 hours will ensure the best results for your pictures, and especially will let you live an experience, instead of 30-minute sessions where everything runs fast and without the time to engage the best part of you. 

Where Do You Want Your Pictures?

Photography for Branding in Berlin
Vik Leimane by Emiliano Vittoriosi

Berlin has tons of awesome places for photos. Some spots might cost extra, so it’s good to talk with the photographer about where you want to take your pictures.

Everything of course changes based on the cost of transportation, and the equipment that has to be used, and this also triggers the assistants the photographer needs to realize the shootings. 

Not only that, we have to consider the amount of time required to move from one place to another, which will be cut out from the calendar of the photographer and, consequently will not permit others to book it. 

Do You Want Special Effects or Changes?

Creative Photography in Berlin
Emily by Emiliano Vittoriosi, 22 Aug 2023, Berlin

Just like adding cool features to a game, if you want special effects or changes to your pictures, it might affect the cost. It’s like adding extra fun stuff!

The materials used, the equipment, and the time to realize some kind of picture, elements have a cost, and of course, this is part of the game. 

Let’s add also that if you want polished portraits, adding elements in Photoshop, and having amazing color correction, those elements will take a huge amount of time. 

Most customers do not consider the editing part time amount, or they make mistakes that everyone can make that, contrary learning and growing in post-production for photography requires a lot of effort and a big amount of time, trying and trying. 

Why Do You Need the Pictures?

Brand Photographer in Berlin
Slovenien Vine by Emiliano Vittoriosi, Berlin June 2022

Are the pictures just for fun, or do you need them for something important? If they’re for something big, it might change the cost a little.

Of course, when I go to make a shooting, I don’t make any difference between the type of shooting or clients.

For me, all deserves the best from my side, but there are some considerations to do when there are some type of jobs.

An important moment, like a wedding or event, that will not repeat anymore needs special attention, and also better equipment.

In addition, I like always to add to my team, in those cases, one or two photographers who will all take pictures from different angles, to surely capture the right moment! 

Those choices will have of course a different price, also including that the pictures will be triple, so this is an addition of time on selection and post-production. 

Do You Want Physical or Digital Pictures?

Portrait Photography in Berlin
Shooting with Steffi at Berlin Photo Studio, Berlin 2023

Think about if you want real printed pictures or just digital ones on a computer. The way you get your pictures can affect the cost too.

Everyone thinks that the cost of the pictures in digital is not so relevant, so I will tell you that maintaining an archive of all my pictures, costs over 3000€ in SSD and HDD, and an annual cost of 500€/year. 

This is a service that is included in my work, might be that you lose the pictures, and I have a backup right on my server. 

If you want instead pictures printed, this will vary based on the format, from little to big, based on the quality of the papers, the type of printing, and the manufacture of the frames. 

Even for photo books, this will vary based on what I have mentioned before, and also the amount of time needed to make the book layout, cover, and text in it. 

What’s Included in the Picture Package?

Portrait Photography in Berlin
Awais by Emiliano Vittoriosi, Berlin 2023,

Some photographers offer special packages with lots of cool stuff. Check these out because they might have everything you need in one deal.

Of course, we consider the value we want to give to our customers, you can choose packages that include all the bases you need.

But you can always customize it with an additional price, based on your needs. 

Talking About Your Ideas:

Portrait Photography in Berlin
Airbnb Experience by Emiliano Vittoriosi, Berlin, 2023

Sometimes, you might need to chat with the photographer about your ideas. Some photographers might charge a little for this talk, so it’s good to know.

I for example always talk with my customers, but additionally, some kinds of chats need to be better planned.

In those cases, I take different pricing for the long-term construction of the shooting. 

What does the photographer do?

Emiliano Vittoriosi, Photographer in Berlin
Berlin, 2023 by Emiliano Vittoriosi

There are many kinds of photographers. I have a long list of skills in marketing and branding, SEO and SERP, and design.

This is an addition to my work and my services, with me, you can be sure to add value to your picture, from personal to business uses.

Let’s say that you have a start-up or a new business, You can book a consultation with me and we can plan how the shooting and the pictures can make considerable changes and growth in your marketing. 

Final Thought

Photography in Berlin

Figuring out the cost of getting your picture taken is like solving a puzzle.

It depends on lots of things, but by talking with your photographer, you can make sure you get awesome pictures that tell your story!

You can get more than just pictures, having a personal experience, or helping your business grow and reach new audiences with a branding addition or show the best of your products, from still life to lifestyle. 

Ready to start your picture adventure in Berlin? Reach out, and let’s make some picture magic together! 📸✨


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