The Ecstatic Conspiracy

An intensive seminar with Margot Anand


The Ecstatic Conspiracy is an intensive seminar that took place on September 24-26, 2021, in Das Kabbalah Center in Berlin, Germany. The seminar aimed to awaken new forms of ecstatic potential in its participants through a series of sessions focused on SkyDancing Tantra, the Path to Bliss, and other techniques such as meditation, relaxation, dance, sound healing, authentic relating, and more. The seminar was led by Margot Anand, who is considered a Tantra pioneer, having introduced the Tantric practices to the West that show how sexuality can be transmuted into Bliss when practiced as a sacred prayer.


The Ecstatic Conspiracy’s organizers wanted to capture the essence of the seminar’s ecstatic moments through professional photography. The photos will be used for promotional materials for future events.


As the photographer for The Ecstatic Conspiracy, my goal was to capture the event’s atmosphere and participants’ emotions. To achieve this, I arrived at the venue early to take pictures of the set-up and decorations. I made sure to capture the details that reflect the event’s theme, such as candles, crystals, and flowers.

During the seminar, I took photos of the participants as they engaged in various activities, including meditation, dance, and partner exercises. I used a combination of candid and posed shots to capture the moments of connection and joy between the participants.

One of the most challenging aspects of the shoot was capturing the energy of the sessions while respecting the participants’ boundaries. I made sure to communicate with the participants to ensure they were comfortable with me taking photos of them. I also made it clear that I would not photograph anyone who did not wish to be photographed.

To capture the essence of Margot Anand’s teachings, I took pictures of her as she guided the participants through the sessions. I made sure to capture the moments when the participants’ faces lit up as they connected with her teachings.


The photos I captured for The Ecstatic Conspiracy successfully showcased the seminar’s essence and Margot Anand’s teachings. The pictures portrayed the participants’ joy and connection with each other and the seminar’s theme of awakening new forms of ecstatic potential.

The organizers were pleased with the results and used the photos for promotional purposes. The pictures were also shared on social media, where they received positive feedback from participants and interested individuals.


Photographing The Ecstatic Conspiracy seminar was a unique and challenging experience that required me to be respectful and mindful of the participants’ boundaries. By capturing the seminar’s essence and the participants’ emotions, I successfully delivered the photos that the organizers needed for their promotional materials.