Wanderlust: Cuba by Kofi A Oliver

A personal journey and travelogue to Cuba through the lens of photographer, wanderer, and traveler, Kofi A. Oliver.

At a time when more travelers had been discovering or rediscovering Cuba through thawed U.S./Cuba relations, this book is a glimpse of the island in the latter days of the Obama administration and through the tightening of restrictions during the Trump regime. This exploration of the authentic and personal side of the island of Cuba, its people, customs, lifestyle, and social fabric. Photographer Kofi A. Oliver presents an intimate journey through the island from the capital of Havana to the far eastern end of the island in Baracoa.

This book is for those with a traveler’s spirit; those who like to get lost and found along the way in a journey. If you are planning to visit Cuba or reminiscing on journeys past, this is an insider’s guide to the soul of one of the world’s most fascinating, frustrating, and endearing places.