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Don’t waste another second looking for the perfect tools. Toolbase has hundreds of software tools, plugins and applications.

It happens often to you...

❌ You always end up spending all your time looking for...

You spend hours looking for a tool to help you solve a problem, but you can’t find it.

Sometimes you find a couple, you think you’ve found the answer. You create the account, start working on it, and as soon as you need that specific something, bam!, there you go, you have to pay for the more expensive version to use that feature.

You’re back to square one.

❌ You read all the blogs found on google...

You spend your whole days reading articles from 15 years ago, just because they appear in the top google rankings.

Everyone talks about the same tools too often, but they’re the same ones you’ve tried and don’t want to hear about anymore.

You need something new that solves your problem quickly so you can focus on the productivity of your business.

❌ You didn't even know it existed until you had it in front of your eyes

You had never thought that there was that specific tool, by necessity, you never delved into the subject.

Whenever you find a new tool, your mind begins to produce endless solutions, and that project you were stuck in long ago now has much more than just one solution.

You know that when you discover new tools, you are much more inspired and productive, and you can’t wait to pull the best out of that situation, you just want to play all the time with your new tool and express your potential.

If any or all of the cases come close to what happens in finding a solution or dealing with a problem. Toolbase then is the product for you!

What is included?

Toolbase encapsulates a variety of tools and solutions; find out below what you can get with an all-inclusive package or individual products.

Ultimate Tools Database

The Ultimate Tools Database lets you find the right tool for your business. A simple, easy to use database with over 200+ tools from all over the web, it will help you find what you need when you need it. We’ve done the research for you so now you can spend your time making awesome things instead of spending hours hunting down tools.

Extensions Manager

You only have to look at the Tiktoks a hundred times to score the trendiest extensions.

We test every single Extension, which is placed on the market, in person and validate it by placing it within our Database.

WP Ingredients

Anyone who uses WordPress knows very well how essential plugins are, using the right ones and not installing too many, to always have a fast, revenue-generating site. 

Here you’ll find all the plugins we’ve tested over the years, and their potential.

App World

A collection of Mobile Apps for every situation, constantly being updated. 

From games to productivity apps, from social networks to finance apps. 

Here you’ll find the app that will totally change your life.

Also includes Templates, Icons and many other resources all inclusive

Does this sound like you?

Save the most important element for your business, time. We manually select every software, plugin, extension and application, giving them a review and categorizing them one by one. 

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Achieve your goals at the speed of light

A collection of validated and continuously optimized tools

Toolbase is for...

✅ Personal

Whether you are a Freelancer or an employee, Toolbase will be useful in developing your side hustles, hobbies, and whatever activities you have on the web. 

You will find lots of tools, extensions, applications not only for work, but especially for personal growth, relaxation, and gaming. 

✅ Solopreneurs

If you are a business owner, you will love this tool, plus we are writing special guides for various types of businesses. 

Whenever you need a new resource, you can quickly consult Toolbase so you already have everything under control. 

Many of the tools are sought after for No-code, AI, and Dynamic Design Tools.

✅ Teams

Toobase is also ideal for teams; having a broad view of the tools and resources out there makes the entire team prepared and advantaged to find answers quickly and easily. 

No more those boring meetings, but a real brainstorming of solutions. 

What people say...

Pay once & get it forever

No monthly payment, pay once and get all the updates.

Ultimate Tools Database

Lifetime Access



One-time Payment


Lifetime Access



One-time Payment

Extensions Manager

Lifetime Access



One-time Payment

Frequently Asked Questions

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