5 Photography Habits You Need to Unlearn


This text highlights five detrimental photography habits to unlearn. These include: neglecting immediate file backup after shoots; over-relying on camera’s automated settings; prioritizing quantity over quality in editing; reviewing and deleting photos during shoots; and over-reliance on post-production software to fix errors instead of learning proper photography techniques. The author suggests regular backup, manual camera use, quality oriented editing, avoiding in-session photo evaluation and not relying on post-production fixes.

Ultimate Resource List for ChatGPT and Make Money From It

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Boost Your Chatbot Skills and Monetize Them, Use the best of ChatGPT and rank up your business As time passed by, ChatGPT become more popular and popular, especially after the last updates and API release. I collected a lot of resources for you to power up the game with this amazing AI, with all of […]

The Pros and Cons of Working Online vs Offline: Exploring the Differences and Uses

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Balancing the Flexibility of Remote Work with the Productivity of Traditional Work Environments In today’s rapidly evolving digital world, the way we work is changing. With the rise of remote work and the increasing availability of digital tools and technologies, more and more people are choosing to work online. However, there are still many who […]