I started to print postcards with my photos in 2013, since then I have printed more than ten thousand postcards and most of these brought in all my travels, a very small part of them have been sold, about 1%.
I have always made use of giving to known and unknown people, with these postcards every meeting, however short or long it was sealed with one or more postcards, to which they began to travel not only thanks to me, but also and above all to many other people. The postcards not only show my photos, but for a narrative game that started a few years ago, they gave those who took them a mirror effect, people looked at each other within a random story, an image or a series of images chosen at random.

The magic of photographic communication happens through the mediation between me and the people who receive the postcard.
This use not only allows me to leave my mark in a casual encounter, to show my work, but to get even closer to the ideas, emotions, feelings of others arising from the image, the focus of others opens the various and infinite readings and interpretations.
In recent years the process has acquired various changes, I have begun to leave postcards in shops, bookstores and books, to send them to strangers, not many times that I receive an answer, but I want to hope that these small objects of mine have found a home and someone to take care of them.

Sending a postcard becomes a ritual, a mission, it is a pause for reflection far from impulsive words, far from the world of instant messaging, the exchange of written texts, of objects that have a past, imprint themselves on the history of the receiver, a sort of empathy or connection is created.

I open this section with the intent to receive some feedback, recently I received several emails from people who came across these cards, and they have become objects of memories, intrinsic to meaning for these people.

If you have received, found, purchased one of these cards, write to me here:
If you want to receive more, do the same, writingvme your address, I will be happy to start a new connection in mail crossing.


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