Emiliano Vittoriosi was born in 1990 in a small town near Naples. He is an emerging photographer currently living in Parma, Italy. Italian grown up in a fraction of Naples, allowed him to give vent to photographic research and beyond. He studied artistic techniques from a very young age, with photography can carve out a collection of elements and experiences. He studied photography as a self-taught, experimenting and working as a photographer in various fields. In 2011 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples in the course of New Technologies of Art. In 2015/16 he acquired experience and technique in editing attending the Master Shooting From Inside with Lina Pallotta. Already passionate about the binding and creation of art objects, he participated in the workshop with Michela Palermo, Openspine in Rome for the event of the Funzilla Festival. His work is based on research and reuse of the same images, in order to analyze multiple solutions and facets of personal life and beyond. In 2016 he moved to Berlin, where he acquired an avalanche of experiences from the linguistic to those related to the use of iconography. He currently attends the University of Parma in the course of Contemporary Communication and Media for the creative industries. He is involved in two projects, the one he has coordinated and created Kaktusbooks for independent publishing and Berlinecore, with which he applies his job as a tutor and teaches between workshops and socio-cultural works.






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